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"Mankind has taken away from the earth. He has covered her with concrete monuments declaring his own supremecy. As skaters, when we scrape paint off a rail, or grind down a piece of a marble ledge, we are slowly chipping away mankind's gaudy facade, and will eventually reveal Mother Earth."
--Erik Burke

Hey everyone. Aight, this site is back on track. Send in some pics, reviews, or whatever bout skatin, Ill be sure to put it up. Peace.


12/1/01 - The ECG(East Coast Gravity) online mag is now up and running so check it out here. They put up a pretty good site and I hope to see bigger and better things to come from them.

12/8/01 - Sum 41 cd review added. Bout half of the terms list was updated/changed...I took out some of the way old tricks and stuff.

1/1/02 - I changed the About Me sec to a News sec in hopes to bring more to the site. Royale tutorial added.

1/2/02 - Sum 41 review deleted, Elliot 2 review has taken it's place.Witness Mag link added. Throne 4 review added in News sec cuz I ran out of room in the Review sec.

1/4/02 - Added a few pics.

1/14/02 - Added Roces Graal review.

2/2/02 - Added a new pic. I need you guys to send some more in!!! Sorry to anyone who cared, but I deleted the vids sec cuz I was sick of using vids from other sites.

2/8/02 - Added two new tutorials..I believe they are topside souls and torque souls.

2/9/02 - Added some news in the News sec, but it only applies to skaters in Southeast Texas, but check it anyways.

2/19/02 - Added 2 new pics.

3/1/02 - Added a few new pics. I still need 'em so keep sending them!

3/2/02 - Added a 'look into my head' view about skating in the News sec.

3/10/02 - Added some pics from my friend Mike. More up soon.


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