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This section will have a new trick every week. So be sure to keep coming back
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Torque Soul

Torque souls are actually quite different than normal soul grinds, with the only similarity being the fact that you get your back foot on the rail/curb in soul position. First, try and squat down low when you do the grind. This helps with two things- It makes them look good, and it gets you into the position you need for a torque soul. To make it easier for you, it's probably better to use your normal soul foot, and use the other foot for the torque position, meaning your normal unsouling foot will be on the outside of the frame. Second, skate up to your preferred utensil at a slow/medium pace (the same as you would for a normal soul grind). You have to land on the utensil with your feet together so you can torque out the front foot. When you land on the utensil you must make sure that you lean forward as much as you can, and get the front foot over into a farferg. position. Doing a torque soul will feel weird at first and will be hard to balance because you'll be used to having your skates apart for a normal soul. Just remember 'balance' and you should be fine. To dismount from the grind, use the same technique as you would for a soul grind. It should even be a bit easier, because you body is scrunched up in the side-down position. Just give a little jump up, and dismount. If you want, dismount with a 180 to make it look even better.

Topside Soul

This grind isn't very easy to do on a curb, so you should learn on a low, un-waxed rail if you can find one. It is best to start with a farside soul first, because that will give you a good feeling of grinding topside. Skate slowly up your chosen utensil (from the opposite side you'll grind on), and jump when you are a foot and a half away from it. Bring your soul foot over the rail, and lock it in. Now lock your front foot in like a normal soul grind. It may feel a bit weird, but it is easy to get comfortable with. Once you can lock in well, you're ready for the real grind. Skate up to your utensil from the opposite side at a moderate pace. Remember, if you can soul, then this will be easy. Bring your soul foot over the object and lock it in so you are doing a farside soul. When you start to stop or slow down, jump up and off, or do a 180 off in the direction you jumped from. As you get more proficient, you should start bending your leg over so your soul foot starts grinding more on the frame. This makes it really hard to keep your balance, so get low. As you get better, try and jump so that your soul foot actually lands topside. This trick is awesome on the vert if you can pull it off with some low-down style, but also looks great if done on a bench or curb. If you can crack topside, you unlock the door to a whole new set of awe-inspiring grinds.

The Fahrvergnugen

There are many names for this trick. It is one of the most stylish looking tricks you can do. In slang terms it's also called a 'nugen'. When doing the fahrvergnugen, you have to keep all of your weight on your front foot, but keeping your body weight as backward as possible. If you don't lean backwards, your front skate will stick to the obstacle, and you'll stumble over your front foot. If you look straight down, your front foot should be a little ahead of the spot you're looking at. Getting the front skate as low as possible, so that it will ride on the outside frame and the outside boot as well, will result in more stability, since the skate will be locked to the obstacle. The trick is easier when you grind downhill; then it is easier to lock your skate like this. It is so much easier to maintain balance if you do the trick in lowrider style. Many skaters prefer doing this trick backside. If you do so, you can get your knees in an angle of about 45 degrees, which will look better, and probably also easier for the majority. When you do it backside, remember to have your skates placed perpendicular on the obstacle, so that (especially your front skate) your feet won't slide into mizou position.

The Royale

The royale is one of those tricks that is necessary to progress on to harder, more advanced tricks. It the the ollie of rollerblading. Well, maybe not, but I tryed. Anyways, the royale is a frontside, with your back foot resting on the outside of the frame or even the boot, instead of the inside. Approach the obstacle with some speed, but beware, this grind moves very fast! Jump onto the rail, but be sure to have your feet spread apart,most likely more than shoulder length. Your back foot, which is on the outside frame/boot, should be behind your body. When first learning this trick, try to put most of your weight on the front foot, because if you place too much weight on the back foot, your momentum will sweep you away and you'll bust your ass. Aight, keep tryin and it always looks good.


Aight, the pornstar is one of the coolest lookin tricks I know. Foot position for the pornstar is as follows: your normal soul foot is placed like you're doin a soul, except now it's gonna be the lead foot. Your other foot is now gonna be in the back. It should touch the rail on the outside boot/frame. So it's kinda like in the frontside farf position. The hardest part of this trick is locking on. Once you've got that, grind as long as you want, and come off spinnin or however you want. This trick is usually done allyoop, so work on it forward then spin onto the rail and do it allyoop.

The Zero Spin

Ok, zero spins can be tons of fun to pull and look great when done right. On the other hand, you could really mess up your face on this trick. A zero spin is when you skate fakie, jump, and land fakie. Its a backwards jump. When you are trying this for the first time, make sure you are on some flat land. When you jump, try to jump with your whole foot, not just the front or back. I like to be able to see my skates when im jumping, so I can spot how I am going to land better. Whatever works for you. For some practice before you start zero spinnin offa roofs, try jumping the water at the end of your driveway in the street. Its great because you can see the water marks and know you arent clearing it...anyways, have fun and just do whatever works for you.

The Mizou

The mizou is a pretty simple trick, almost as easy as the soul. Start by skating at the rail with some speed, the slower you go, the more chance you have of getting caught on the rail. Jump up onto it with your feet like this: your normal soul foot should be in front, and the foot that usually goes first in a soul, should be behind you in somewhat of a backside position. Just make sure not to put your wieght to far foward, or your skate will slow you down to a quick stop. Just ride it out and come offa it how ever you want. Peace and have fun.