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Aight, this section is gonna be for reviews of skate products and whatnot. So if you got a review of maybe a skate or video,email it to me and Ill put it up.

  Roces Graal: When I first got these saw these rollerblades I though wow what the heck are these?
Something from a Sci Fi Movie? From a first glance they look like some serious weirdo rollerblades but
dont let that fool you. First time rolling on them I felt really unblanced and unsure on them, I'm not sure what made me feel that way but it wasn't long before I felt right at home with them. The double padding and shock pad system inside the boot of the rollerblades work legends on the feet, extremely useful when jumpin a huge gap or flight of stairs, the padding works extremely well. These Blades dont come with a UFS frame but as the first in design there UFS compatible, when buying the Blades in the box you also get these two feet shaped looking things (I didn't know what they were at first) but if you want UFS frames all you have to do is remove the wheels from your new Graal Rollerblades unscrew the foot shaped thing on the blades presently use the same screws to bolt on the other pair of feet shaped replacements and Bobs your Uncle your blades are UFS compatible! For those UFS lovers out there
and the ones that dont here is the perfect skate for all. One last thing to mention on these blades is that there main base is not made of plastic like most skates there GRAPHITE whats said to slide better and faster, with the nice fat royale space on the sides it helps my royales and torque grinds perfectly.

- Mr Stephen Bell (

Pic coming soon...
  Vg 18: This vid is ill, thats all I have to say. The first trick (cover trick) is insane. I believe it's Jeff Stockwell doin a disaster pornstar. He falls several times, most of which you see. Can you believe how he puts up with all that pain? Damn, he is sick is all I have to say bout him. Aight, on to the rest of the vid. Besides one section, which was not aimed toward the straight female audience, the whole thing was awsome. Lets just say the makers of this movie seen to think of the rollerblading community as completely male, which it is not. So this is a great video to get. I highly suggest it.

Vg 18
  Elliot 2s: Well, the Elliot 2's are a pretty good skates, from originally having the Khutis. They aren't very fashionable, not that it matters, but the toe of the boot makes the skates look like steel toed boots with wheels. They are very durable none-the-less, considering I get my skates torn up easily. I wouldn't need to customize them,considering they come with ground control frames, abec 5 bearings, JonJulio wheels, and double laces. All in all, they are good skates.

- Mike(

Elliot 2s